Why I Drive a Truck

why-i-drive-truckI grew up riding around in pick-up trucks. Most kids who grow up with a family in love with the outdoors have similar experiences to mine. You quickly figure out that dirt roads, camping trips and gathering firewood isn’t exactly the appropriate task for a sport compact car. Or a minivan. There’s simply no substitution for a truck.

When I started driving, I took great pride in my beat down Toyota that had been passed down through three other family members before reaching my little hands. Nine years and three trucks later, I don’t have to deal with weekly breakdowns anymore and I’ve upgraded to leather seats, but my reasons for loving the concept of a four wheel drive pick-up truck are unaltered.

Why are pick-up trucks with the 4×4 label emblazoned on them so great? Let’s examine. First and foremost trucks are a handy staple for everyday life. Whether you need to move your belongings from one house to the next, transport a muddy dog or get to town in the middle of a snowstorm to stock up on hotdogs before the big game, your truck will do it! As a downside, pick-up owners always seem to be everyone’s favorite friend when moving day comes around. However, a tiny white lie about leaving town for the weekend easily nips that issue in the bud.

When it comes to recreation there’s no substitution for the versatility of a pick-up truck. With the push of a button (or lock of the hubs) mud, snow, sleet or otherwise difficult to navigate road conditions become a simple bump in the road. Tents, coolers, and hunting trophies can be thrown in the bed for a comfy ride back home. Let’s face it: nobody ever went hunting in a Honda Civic. That trunk simply isn’t big enough for a buck to fit in.

Aside from their various uses, many love trucks for their aftermarket options. From lift kits to light bars, exhaust tips to mud tires, people love to make a truck their own. Both trucks in my driveway are prime examples of this low grade illness I like to refer to as “modification-itis.” Although I could find lots of other uses for the money that has been spent on random parts, there’s a certain sense of fun that accompanies climbing behind the wheel of a lifted truck that a four door sedan just can’t produce.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, trucks are vehicles that are easy to form a long-term relationship with. From holiday shopping to afternoons at the lake, pick-up trucks are a part of many of my favorite memories. Versatility, longevity and ability make these automobiles more like an old friend than a mode of transportation. Ask me the name of my first love, and I’ll respond with the nickname of my first truck. And don’t act like you don’t have a name for yours, too.