The Best Off-Road Gifts

Good little boys and girls the world over are patiently awaiting the arrival of their favorite bearded man: jolly ole’ St. Nick. Although, it’s not just little boys that are hoping Santa will leave something special under the tree. Plenty of full grown men and women are also crossing their fingers that a year of good behavior might net them a little treat this holiday season.

But let’s face it: finding the perfect gift can be hard. This year, my husband and I purchased a 1977 Chevy K20 Cheyenne pick-up truck when we got caught up in a moment of sentiment. Beyond getting ourselves a beauty of a 35-year-old rig, along with it I got the easiest batch of gift ideas ever to land in my lap: seat covers, accessory lighting, a new carpet kit. There’s plenty of goodies I can pick up for the ole’ girl (as we call her) that my other half will love.

Why do you care? The scenario is much the same for many off-road enthusiasts. When you need the perfect gift: take a peek in the garage to see what it is that they need. As an experienced mechanical gift buyer, I’m happy to offer up a few tips on how to buy based on the particular model of person you live with. No need to thank me.

The DIY’er:
If you’re dealing with the person whose always working on something themselves, there is nothing more appreciated than tools or new goodies to tool with. Is there a specialty tool your special someone has long wanted? Or perhaps their old socket set is missing most of the sockets? Christmas is a great time to replace tools based on sale prices alone! Or, if the toolbox is stocked, consider a performance part or accessory they’ve long been eyeing to keep them busy in the garage on Christmas afternoon.

The Project Hound:
Has it been awhile since that truck/quad/boat/motorcycle in your driveway actually started/moved/had all the parts on where they actually go? In that case, this is your category. Guys and gals that enjoy mechanical projects are perhaps the easiest to buy for. Depending on the stage of a particular project the gift options can range from basics like wheels or tires and pieces parts to custom goodies like paint or plastics. And even better, the gifts are usually a necessity to move towards the end of the project that would have been bought sooner or later, so you can kill two birds with one stone here.

The Show Off:
If your garage is filled with shiny toys that are either new, or immaculately cared for, you might be living with the show-off type. A bad thing? No! They’re simply someone who takes extreme pride in their rides. While these may not be the kinds of people who love to work on stuff themselves, they undoubtedly love to play. The ideal gift here is typically aftermarket parts: anything to make it bigger, badder, faster or better looking. However, accessories like riding gear, goggles, new helmets, or apparel is never out of the question for a much-loved gift here either.

No matter what kind of off-roader you deck the halls with, picking them up a gift geared to their hobby and style will undoubtedly get you a kiss under the mistletoe. Or, if it’s for your buddies, it’ll likely get you a high five. Regardless, they’ll love it!

Get that shopping done – and get back out on the trail.