2013 Gator Reveal

John Deere is continuing to increase and improve their Gator™ line with the recent release of their new 2013 Gator™ Heavy-Duty XUV Models. The new Gator™  XUV 825i S4 was revealed on February 5, 2013.

My personal experience with John Deere’s 2012 Gator models, proved them to be fun, and unbelievably tough. The new Gator™ is a multi-passenger heavy duty model for more fun with friends or family. John Deere states, “Customers wanted our heavy-duty XUV, in a multi-passenger form that was comfortable and customizable. These new Gators provide an unparalleled balance of performance and work capability for all off-road challenges.”

What is unique about the new machine is its extra passenger and cargo space. You can either carry two extra passengers in the back, or convert the space by folding down the rear seats to allow for 200 extra pounds of cargo. The back seat also has under seat storage. The cargo area folds down flat and has over 20 integrated tie-down points to safely secure your load. The large 16.4 cubic feet cargo box has a 1,000 pound payload capacity.

To carry the added passenger and cargo weight, “the XUV 825i S4 boasts the proven 50 hp, 812 cc, inline 3-cylinder engine with EFI and dual overhead cams featured in the current 825i. This Gator also has a top-speed of 44 mph and fully locking 4-wheel drive system to quickly traverse all types of terrain.” The XUV 855D S4 model also comes in diesel.

Improvements in the heavy duty models also include a 40% increase in fuel capacity with a 7 gallon tank, digital readout, and power steering. It also comes standard with dynamic downhill engine breaking, due to a new tight belt continuous variable transmission (CVT).

As with other models, “all Gator XUVs are available in Realtree® Hardwoods™ HD Camo, olive and black or John Deere green and yellow color schemes. There are also more than 100 factory and dealer installed attachments available to customize them.”

As with other John Deere Gator products, the new XUV has classic John Deere lines. It is sleek and attractive and its new cargo and passenger capacity just increases its appeal. John Deere products also have a reputation for toughness, and durability. My own experience with other Gator models showed that they can take a lot of hard abuse and continue to function at the top of their game.

Visit your local John Deere dealer or www.JohnDeere.com/Gator to learn more.