Honda Pioneer 500: A Giant Performer in a Compact Package

honda4picWith a desirable size, an affordable price and over 46 accessories, the Honda Pioneer™ 500 joins the expanding Honda stable of thoroughbred side-by-sides. First there was the Honda Big Red® MUV, then Honda introduced the two-seat Pioneer 700 and the four-seat Pioneer 700-4. Finally, the powersports icon outdid itself with the compact, affordable and fun 50 inch Pioneer 500.

The Pioneer 500 is 10 inches narrower than it older brother, the Pioneer 700, and it is also around 250 pounds lighter. Its 475cc liquid cooled single cylinder four-stroke engine offers sporty performance for work or recreation.

Featuring on-the-fly paddle shifting, the Pioneer 500 offers five forward gears and reverse. The electric shifting paddles are mounted on each side of the steering column with the right side being for shifting up and the left side for shifting down. The shifting is at the driver’s discretion, so when extra torque is needed for uphill climbs, it will be readily available. The 500 also offers 2WD and 4WD by way of an easy shifter. Another notable feature is the front and rear independent double-wishbone suspension with almost six inches of wheel travel, which makes for a smooth ride on almost any terrain.

As previously mentioned, Honda offers tons of accessories for the Pioneer 500. Some of the notable options are a hard roof, full windscreen, and many more. In regards to the rear cargo rack that can hold 450 pounds, some available accessories include cargo bags, a cargo tray and a hard-sided cargo box. The vehicle also comes in colors including red, olive, yellow, and Honda Phantom Camo®. Simply put, the look of the Pioneer 500 just depends on the owner.

The Pioneer 500 is right at home on the ranch or in the field for work or for fun. Although it is only 50 inches wide, a couple of oversized adults can easily fit inside the nicely contoured bench seat and there is plenty of room for tools, materials or gear on the rear carrier rack.

Another small feature of the Pioneer 500 is the price. Starting with a suggested retail base price of $8,499, it is within striking distance of many ATV prices. In fact, it is almost half the price of a full-sized side-by-side. The best part about the price is, it’s a Honda.