For Work and Recreation, Honda Powersports Expands Its SXS Lineup

Honda3picWith designed affordability, utility and fun, Honda now offers a broader line of side-by-sides with a variety of vehicle platforms for every mission. Honda’s SXS fleet includes the original Big Red® MUV (multi-purpose utility vehicle), the new Pioneer™ 700 two-seater, the Pioneer 700-4 four-seater and the newer, more compact Pioneer 500.

While the Big Red was made for practical purposes, Honda chose to enhance function with fun by announcing the Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 700-4 models. These two models prove that Honda is serious about planting its permanent flag on the side-by-side industry. Both are powered by the 675cc liquid-cooled OHV (overhead cam) single-cylinder four-stroke engine with automatic transmission; it’s clear that performance is a high Honda priority. These vehicles are capable of operating in 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with differential lock and have independent front and rear suspension for a smooth ride on rough ground.

The two-seat Pioneer 700 has the capability of carrying 1000 pounds in its tilt bed or it can haul 1500 pounds. For even more variety, the Pioneer 700-4 has the same carrying capacity in a tilt function bed, but it also has the unique feature of the industry’s first convertible rear seating design which can switch between two, three, or four person seating configurations. Both machines feature an automotive style double latching system, contoured bench seats, tight turning radius and a pile of accessories that can’t be matched.

As if Honda could not flex its SXS muscle any more, they came out with their newest side-by-side, the Honda Pioneer 500, which is their entry into the 50” width SXS marketplace. The Pioneer 500 can comfortably fit into the back of a full-size pickup, and it is ready for almost any trail. Powered by a 475cc liquid cooled single cylinder four-stroke which can haul 1000 pounds, the Pioneer 500 offers a sporty presentation that puts the fun in function. It is obvious that Honda has a winner with the Pioneer 500. Not only is it compact and fun, but it is a Honda. Enough said.