Success Continues for Ski-Doo

skidooOver the past year, Ski-Doo has increased their market share in all segments, particularly the mountains. They sell more snowmobiles than anyone, and their lead holds steady. They’ve also had great success increasing customer satisfaction, and have decreased their warranty costs – a very popular move cheered by those looking to purchase a sled this winter. The company is all about enhancing the riding experience for snowmobilers.

Hop on a 2014 Ski-Doo and you’ll notice what the company has done to make riding easier. The left-handed handlebar control assembly is simple and more intuitive to operate, with buttons that rocker up and down. The company’s flagship MX Z X-RS bump sleds now offer the same chassis with reinforcements as found on the 600RS race sled, providing ultimate strength and more stability. The steering post comes in the forward position, ideal for aggressive riding, and this sled has plenty of capability offered in a choice of E-TECH engines. Ski-Doo is known for their engines, rated at or near the top for power, fuel and oil economy, and exceptional running quality. You’ll notice lower noise emissions as well.

The MX Z X-package models, sold in the spring, are fitted with Quick Adjust option for the rMotion suspension. This allows riders to quickly dial the spring preload or shock valves to exacting settings to get the most capable suspension available. These sleds run smooth through the chatters and are able to conquer the biggest bumps. This revolutionary suspension package is also offered in the REV-XR platform with the 1200 4-TECH engine package for those who prefer a four stroke. Drivers agree that the Quick Adjust option is absolutely worth the cost. rMotion works well across a wide range of conditions, so on 2014 models, Ski-Doo has expanded the offering: all of the in-season MX Z TNT models have it, as do all of the Renegades (except the Sport) and all of the GSX models as well. If ride quality is high on your list of priorities, ask to test drive a sled with rMotion and feel the difference.

The 2014 Summit models of Ski-Doo sleds including the Sport have the pivoting tMotion rear suspension and FlexEdge track technology. These features make mountain riding easier because the sled is more responsive to the rider’s input, and they certainly have helped Ski-Doo make big gains in the mountain riding segment of the market.