Outback Expanding Their Tire Line

xtSTI’s Outback tires are an all-around choice for ATVs and UTVs, and the company is expanding the Outback line by adding four new, wider sizes: 26/10-12, 26/12-12, 27/10-12, and 27/12-12. Each Outback tire has a six-ply carcass and beefy rim guard for added durability during rugged use.

This STI tire line was launched in 2013, and was created to provide more comfort and durability on hard-packed trails, and to offer more control when riding in mud or over loose terrain. The company designed this line with a center “V” tread pattern, and the deeply dimpled lug design adds even more traction because the lugs wrap around the shoulder to enhance side bite.

The new Outback XT uses 1 1/8 inch deep lugs and the lugs on the original Outback AT tires measure ¾ inch deep.

On hard surfaces these tires really grip, but you’ll still be able to slide your machine around the corners for fun. Getting the vehicle up to speed quickly is what these tires do so well, and cornering is precise. The Outbacks don’t slide like many aggressive tires during braking: instead they dig into the dirt hard. The credit for that belongs to the backside of the lugs, with their multiple biting surfaces that help them dig in. These tires weigh slightly less than similarly sized mud tires, and that also helps with the grip.

Outback tires perform well on multiple surfaces, from moss-covered rocks to sand-covered hard pack to loam and sand. This tire is an aggressive stock replacement that rolls smooth and stays predictable. The V-shapes lugs have a small step on the back to keep them from bending during acceleration, and that also helps when braking.