Ski-Doo’s Snowboard Attachment

ski dooResponding to the needs of back country enthusiasts who often use their snowmobiles to head for untracked slopes, Ski-Doo has released an easy Snowboard and Ski Rack for their Ski-Doo snowmobile models. The LinQ rack has already proven to be a hit with these crossover athletes.

This new Snowboard and Ski Rack requires the use of an appropriate heavy duty rear bumper, which is sold separately.

The LinQ rack mounts along either side of a 146 inch – or longer – track length snowmobile and carries the weight of the skis or boards along the rear of the machine so operation is not impared. It can be used in a couple of ways: one is mounting the skis or snowboards to the rack itself using the quick-lock straps that make for fast loading and unloading. An alternative is to remove it from the sled with the cargo in place. No tools are needed for this after the initial installation is completed, and this method leaves the snowmobile with no extra weight or large parts in the way.

Racks are adjustable for a precise fit if you’re carrying skis and poles, or several snowboards. You can permanently adjust the rack to fit either cargo. If you need even more carrying capacity, two LinQ racks can be used on one snowmobile.

The LinQ snowboard attachment rack is available from the website or from any local Ski-Doo dealer and retails for $329.00.