How to Pack a Ski Bag in 4 Steps

It’s one of the most exciting winters for skiers with record snowfall we haven’t seen in years. Time to get out there to your favorite resorts and have an adventure of a lifetime, which likely means travelling on an airplane.

If you’re a seasoned skier, you are no stranger to packing for a trip. But for many people, especially in light of heightened airport security, packing a ski bag is not always easy. Here are four things to remember when packing for your next ski trip.

Get a ski bag

The first thing you’re going to need to travel with skis is a bag. You can fit up to two pairs in one of these and they come in all makes and models. But don’t rely on the padding in these bags alone. You will have to pad your skis or snowboard. The best and most practical padding to use are clothes.

Pack smart

Rather than waste space with foam rubber or other padding material to protect your skis within your bag, use a pair of heavy socks to wrap over the tips and then put something else between them like a bundle of t-shirts or a stuff sack of clothes. Any fragile items like goggles or sunglasses can be stuffed with a helmet or boots for protection.

Expect a search

One thing to consider especially when travelling internationally is that airport security and custom officials will most certainly search your ski bag. There is really no way for them to scan bindings without a physical inspection so it’s highly likely you’re bag will get searched. For this reason, make it easy for agents to repack your belongings because you won’t be there. Store clothes in stuff sacks so they don’t get all over and strap your skis together with Velcro straps.

Carry on convenience

By now, most of your belongings have probably fit within your ski bag and you’re ready to board the flight. Not to be forgotten is your carry-on bag. This will be your day back when you hit the slopes the next day. In my day pack I like to keep a few essential items such as a plastic shovel and toilet paper — because you never know when nature will call — a flashlight, cell phone, potable power, nuts, dried fruit, cheese and salami.