Mega Truck Racing Evokes Civil War, Mud Truck Style

mega truck

What in the world are we witnessing here? From all accounts, what is going on here is a whiskey-fueled maniac parade where motophiles from all corners converge in some Confederate backwater to cheer their favorite mega truck racer.

For all intents and purposes the competitors look like the one guy in the neighborhood who has the time and resources to fulfill his childhood dream of magically turning his Stomper into a real manifestation of all things awesome.

We’re talking about the most jacked-up, overhauled, massive race trucks that have ever roared and crashed through the mud. And it’s called mega truck racing. The events look like free-for-alls, but in reality, it’s a regulated sport believe it or not.

The trucks must meet specific requirements. First of all, 12.4 x 24 V-tread tractor tires are the minimum size allowed. These are around 45 inches tall. Each truck must also have drive shaft hoops. As well, u-joint guards are required. The trucks must also have five-point harnesses. A fire extinguisher within reach of the driver is also required, and each driver must wear a neck brace, a full face helmet and at least a single layer fire suit.

Recently, two major players in the sport duked it out, and the results are fabulous. 

The Mega Truck Series presented the race, where John Gordon in “Blown Money” took on Scott Sweat in his “No Sweat Samurai” during the North vs South Mud Bog Event at Dennis Anderson Muddy Motorsports Park in North Carolina. If the aerial feats are not enough to get you hooked, then maybe the cracked CV joints and girls in bikinis are. It’s a fine sport indeed.