Mud Trucker Keeps Trucking After Losing Wheel

It’s been a while since we’ve brought you a report from the magic world of mud trucking, but we’ve found one we think everyone can get behind.

It was out at the Thunder Valley Mudplex where the driver of  a lifted 1983 Chevy truck called RIP was running the course like a pro.

He was slinging mud and taking tight corners when, on one of the straightaways, it became apparent that somebody in his crew, the one responsible for fitting the tires, managed to forget to tighten the lugs, or even put them back on for that matter.

Of course, there’s a lot going on at a mud race. There are other rigs to check out, a long checklist of stuff to get done before hitting the track, and of course lots of girls wandering around in RealTree camo tank tops and panties, which is kind of a distracting environment if you ask us.

For that reason, it’s almost understandable that the lugs might not get tightened. But maybe even better is the driver, who was possibly just not aware that he’d lost a wheel, kept going as if nothing had happened.

But we think the liquid nature of the track lends itself to forward motion regardless of whether or not the truck is running on a full set. Either way, this is our favorite mud run so far.