Jeep Becomes Submarine in Diesel Conversion Stunt

We’ve reported on a truck sailing over a ghost town, so now we found a jeep that drove 12 feet under water running a Cummins Diesel.

The jeep, called Tube Sock, is a 1997 Wrangler. It’s been all over the world with its owner, Fred. Tube Sock has been to Moab, Hawaii, and all points in between.

Importantly, the jeep originally had a four-cylinder engine, so to drop a Cummins into it took more than a few days worth of refit. Really, it’s way too much engine for Tube Sock, but that’s not the important part. 

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The goal, of course, is to drive it underwater. With a manual transmission, a 15-foot snorkel, over-sized, highly flexible Maxxis tires and a driver with A scuba certification, the plan was set. So off they went to a mini lake in a vineyard somewhere in Napa Valley.

The pilot vehicle was a canoe, orbiting above with a radio connection, ready at any time to rescue Fred, should something insane happen while he’s driving a jeep 12 feet underwater.

Suiting up with water socks, a wetsuit, and a full face scuba mask, Fred and tube Sock took the plunge.

We have to say this one is the stuff of legend. it’s like the Moon landing, a Jules Verne novel, and a really, really beer-filed concept brought to fruition through finding and determination.

Good times. Good times for certain. Now, all we need is to make it a competitive sport.

That is, if Fred even managed to pull it off in the first place?