The Brilliance of Cheap Truck Demolition Derby

It’s Cheap Truck Challenge time again, that annual and magical event where people wrench on their best and least expensive rigs, pitting them against each other, and ultimately deciding to beat them all to hell.

Yes, its also a demolition derby. Because, hey, cheap truck. Right?

We’re talking about a rig for under $2,000, which can be all kinds of fun. First off, you’ll get to try and best your buddies with the best running cheap truck, and of course get to rebuild (or not) a classic older model truck. And everybody knows that older trucks are the best, because they either work or they don’t.

And if you’re doing Cheap Truck Challenge correctly, it’ll work for as long it needs to.

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The thing is, I hold a specific reverence fro cheap trucks. I had a 1968 International Stepside. I also had a 1968 C-20 Flatbed. And upon writing that, I realized they were both from the same year. Both were tanks. The C-20 had a bench seat and a Peterbilt fan in place of the rearview, with a toggle on the dash. I ran a 305 in that one, and a 300 in the International. I also had a 1991 Ford ranger extra cab with a camper shell. That was the Alaska rig.

I advocate fro cheap trucks. And I regret having never enhanced mine to the levels of the CTC.