You Can Learn A Lot From Getting Stuck in the Mud

Once upon a time in Florida, our usual gang gathered for an off-roading adventure. We took out a friend’s truck who had just put on fresh tires, tires so big I needed a leg-up to climb them. We were taking this beauty out on a few class six roads with one sure fact: there would be mud. 

The truck managed almost flawlessly. We were strategic in our driving, careful not to give too much power where we could see the ground was over-saturated, and taking advantage of dry points throughout the trail.

Then came a problem. As well as it was going, we all became too excited by our success that we did not properly estimate the size of the approaching mud hole.

Slowly but surely, we got stuck like a stick in the mud, only we were a giant truck in the mud. Despite the quick attempt, it was enough to lodge us further into the mud. We only gave the truck a brief try to get out of the hole, not wanting to risk digging ourselves deeper into the mud. In the dark we sat, not wanting to get out for fear of Bigfoot, or alligators, thinking how to get out of this quite literal mess.

Needless to say, out of four men, I was the first one to hop out and do the dirty work. We found a fat tree near enough to wrap the front tow cable around, and some solid ground to give a push or two from behind.

With one man and the cable to help pull in the front, a skilled driver behind the wheel (me) and a passenger for eyes, plus two in the back pushing, we managed to ease the truck out of the hole and onto solid ground. What a filthy business, yet so exhilarating.

We learned a few things that night…

Pay attention

It is always in the moment of sureness that we forget to double-check our surroundings. Everything was going so well that we thought nothing could possibly stop us now. That mud hole was just waiting for fools like us to let overconfidence blind our way. 

Extra hands

Always have a few extra hands on deck. That, or make sure someone who is able to help in a pinch knows where you are. We were lucky that we were a group of five able bodies, along with that tow cable. Our able bodies might have even been useless had we been without the proper equipment.

Equip yourselves

Take along the proper equipment. When you’re going out on a class six adventure, ensure you bring the right equipment. Flashlights, jumper cables, tow cables, you know the works. You never know what might be lurking around the next turn.

If you’re like me, I would pack extra snacks and water, too. Who can think on an empty stomach?

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Photo credit: Dreamstime