Toyota Supra Crosses Finish Line on Fire

Rebuilding a Toyota Supra to run 1,500 horsepower with nitrous can sometimes lead to complications, such as catching on fire.

“Well, that did’t go as planned,” remarked the calm and collected driver named Jay, driving for the performance parts warehouse Real Street, when he realized something was very much amiss with his rig.

Jay was running a drag race and had jumped off the line maybe 8 seconds in when the dash cam caught the rattle and pop, and then the smoke. Jay slowed down, rolled through the finish line, all the while talking to his car.

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“You poor, poor thing,” he said, as if talking to a wounded puppy. “I hope you’re not on fire.”

After that, he casually suggests he should maybe get out of the car.

Of course, when he got out, he discovered the “poor, poor thing” was indeed on fire.

He sort of jokes about it, and downplays the amount of fire coming from his car. Even better is when the emergency crew rolls up, and Jay politely says hello to them. 

In contrast, they’re a lot more frantic than he is.

“Ok, we got a fire here!” one can be heard saying, as Jay continues to act as if he’s dealing with a simple burnt out light bulb in a lamp.

Steel nerves for certain. Our hat is off to you, sir.