Vice President Biden Peels Out with Jay Leno

This is terrific on many levels. First, it’s Vice President Joe Biden taking Jay Leno for a spin in the corvette he bought in 1967. But even better, vice presidents are not allowed to drive while they’re in office.

Now, and maybe most important, the Secret Service of course was on hand for this sanctioned meeting with Leno, for a taping of the show, Jay Leno’s Garage. Those guys had to give permission for Biden to get behind the wheel.

And of course, as far as we know, this was the first time the VP got to drive in a very long time. That he got to do it in the Corvette he bought when he got married, and the fact he still has it, makes it even better.

Of course, Joe Biden is renowned for his everyman charm. He famously swears, makes gaffes that are at once laughable and endearing, and as we said, has managed to keep the same corvette for nearly 50 years.

Watching him get behind the wheel with a comedian and consummate car lunatic is a rare treat. And what we really want with our Joe Biden is a good proper peel out.

We’re gonna miss the guy. I mean, can anyone imagine Tim Kaine’s first car? Probably an AMC Pacer. Am I right?