Surfer Rides Massive Wave in Portugal

Where there are big waves anywhere on earth, brave souls will dare to ride them. Turns out Portugal gets some of the biggest waves in the world.

Winter swells have landed on Praia do Norté in Nazare, Portugal resulting in massive waves up to 100 feet tall. And sure enough, some lunatics were out there riding these massive walls of death. 

Crowds gathered earlier this week for a contest at the break as part of the World Surf League’s “Big Wave Awards.” Sebastian Steudtner wowed audiences all over the world. Watch the video below to see how the German-born surfer gets towed into the wave by a partner on a wave runner, who’s then at his side to pull him safely out of the strike zone.

Without the toe and safety, surfing such massive ways would be impossible. In 2013 Garrett McNamara rode a wave caught on camera at the same location that was widely called the biggest wave ever ridden.

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot