The famed Eddie Aikau big wave surf contest, which takes place only when waves reach at least 40 feet high in Hawaii, is set to take place Wednesday Feb 10.

UPDATE 2/10/15: After assessing the surf Wednesday morning, the contest was called off for the time being. Apparently the swell was just not enough to sustain 20-to-40 foot waves for eight years.

Thanks to killer swells from a building El Nino year, the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau received the go-ahead for the first time in six years. The event is an invitation-only contest among the most elite professional surfers on the planet.

Every year, invitees remained poised, ready to make the contest even though it’s only been held seven times so far in the event’s in its 31-year history. For some that means travelling around the world, for others it means walking down to the local break. In the past week, Waimea Bay has seen epic surf, which big wipeouts heard round the world. 

To watch the Eddie Aikau big wave contest live click here.

Photo credit: Quiksilver 2009