See the 8 Most Insane GoPro Videos of 2016

There is nothing like a GoPro to put a viewer in the perspective of a death-defying stunt, and in 2016 there was no shortage of maniacs willing to take a camera along for the ride.

This year the team at Red Bull compiled a list of the top 8 most insane GoPro videos from 2016. Everything from sky diving above the clouds, to piloting a plane through a narrow hanger to crazy mountain bike stunts at Red Bull Rampage, these clips will make you squirm.

Skydiving in mountains

As if skydiving wasn’t enough, Frederic Fugen and Vincent Reffett took on a 10,000 meter skydive over the snow-topped mountains in Europe earlier this year. And rather than simply skydive, on the way down after pulling their shoot, they soared in close proximity to steep clifftops all the way down for a nail-biting ending to an incredible video.

Surfing next to rocks

At the 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear surfing competitions in Australia, riders donned GoPros for a close-up perspective. Watch as these surfers get towed into waves as they crouch down to get barreled right in front of a rock reef. Better be confident in her abilities at these waters.

Mountain bike madness

Red Bull couldn’t put together a list of insane GoPro videos without including a shot from Red Bull Rampage. This unique event allows riders to choose and craft their own lines down a ridge face that only the most intrepid riders in the world would even think of leaping off. And these guys do 360s and back flips no less. Watch this clip of a first person perspective of Kurt Sorge’s winning run from Virgin, Utah.

Not to be outdone is this run by Tom Van Steenbergen along a narrow ridge line and then into a gap jump where he attempts a front flip.

Formula 1 excitement

When it came to four wheelers, there’s just no comparing the speed and adrenaline that comes with a Formula 1 car. This year, some incredible footage was captured at the Red Bull F1 Circuito in Lima that saw the Red Bull racer Max Verstappen took the checkered flag.

Need for speed

Few people have the skill or the guts to attempt low-altitude stunt piloting. Pilots Paul Bondhomme and Steve Jones pull off one of the most exciting aviation feats ever as they fly in formation through a building. These guys don’t even flinge as their planes barely miss scraping the ground through the narrowest of gaps.

Whitewater Willies

Joel Kowalski is one hell of a whitewater rafter. See what Joel sees as he shoots narrow gaps and plummets off a water fall in this clip from his on-board camera during a trip to Mexico.

Taking the plunge

Lastly comes this clip from Red Bull Flugtag in Louisville, Kentucky where contested hucked themselves off a giant platform on homemade pseudo-flying machines. Truth be told, these things didn’t fly at all and the competitors went plunging to the water below. But at least it’s fun to watch.