Skydiver Dangles From Cessna in Insane Red Bull Video

Normally the athletes that make up the Red Bull team of thrill seekers are picture perfect. Their stunts are carried off with beauty and precision in some of the most dramatic footage ever shot on earth. Well this week Red Bull released a different type of video where things went a little hay wire. Everything ended safely, but it was touch and go for a few moments as a skydiver tangled from a light aircraft.

During the shooting of the Red Bull sponsored Miles Above series of skydiving films, Luke Aikins got his booty stuck on the landing gear of the plane from which he and his teammates were about to jump. Video captured the moment Aikins found himself dangling behind the Cessna backward. There was a real danger the plane might go into a roll as a result of the counterbalanced weight.

“I’m thinking I better lock this up and keep it together because if I spin this thing it’s going to bad,” Aikins said about the situation later. “So I basically stuck my arms out and tried to balance and I just aid flat on my back. And i just foudn the sweet spot and I’m just balancing. And I’m basically getting towed on my back by a Cessna.”

Eventually his buddies were able to release his booty and send him flinging toward the earth. But that was a situation he could handle. Aikins made it safely to the ground summing up the situation like any stunt man might.

“That was a gnarly situation,” he said.