Danny MacAskill Unveils “Wee Day Out”

Famed BMX rider and occasional mountain biker Danny MacAskill has delivered yet another video of epic proportions, this one called Wee Day Out featuring his home country of Scotland.

In this lighthearted film set among the beautiful high country of Edinburgh, Danny has some fun with the setup, even including his father in a cameo. But don’t let his relaxed persona fool you. Danny is back to his old tricks pulling off some amazing stunts that are completely original.

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For starters he leaps from the train platform to land both tires straight onto the rail and rides away. Later he pedals through a six-foot puddle, pulls a front flip right after a clearing a gap and then performs a unique backward somersault over a small ledge all the while staying clipped to the pedals.

In a conversation with Red Bull media, MacAskill explained that concept more than anything drove the creation of his latest film, which is more remiscent of his latest mountain biking film called The Ridge then his other efforts such as Imaginate. 

“Rather than keep pushing and progressing my riding, the first thing I think about these days is a concept for the film that allows me to have a bit more creative freedom with my riding,” he said. “I set out to make a video that hopefully relates to the normal rider. It’s meant to be a fun day out on the bike, taking in different obstacles along the way.”

While MacAskill makes it look easy, an outtakes for the film shows just how much trial and error goes into making these tricks look effortless. It also took a lot of time to scout locations and actually construct the ramps.

“This whole film’s been a real big challenge,” MacAskill said. “Not only has it been hard to find the locations for the tricks that I’ve wanted to land, but building dirt takeoffs, working with natural terrain and the Scottish weather has been very challenging. Although it all looks very easy, there’s been a lot of work that’s gone into the back of this.”

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool/Dave Mackison