Danny MacAskill’s Amazing GoPro Video From Spain

Scottish free rider Danny MacAskill has taken his riding abilities to new and dramatic heights with his latest video filmed from the rooftops of the Spanish island village of Gran Canaria. 

In the video produced by GoPro, MacAskill demonstrates some supreme skills as he balances along rooftop ledges and launches from one landing to another as if his mountain bike was more like a Pogo Stick. Finishing the spectacular is a big finish with a plunge into the sea.

This is not the first time MacAskill has amazed viewers with riding that truly pushes the limit of his sport. Not only is he known for pulling off extreme stunts, but he always has a creative bent to his presentations.

Last year he descended a rocky ridge on the Isle of Sky in Scotland, which made for a stunning backdrop along with a jaw-dropping ride for the film The Ridge.

In 2013, he gained widespread notoriety for a film called Imaginate produced by Red Bull where the stunts revolver around a child’s toy set. The film took 18 months to film, includes some incredible riding by MacAskill and has received more than 44 million views. 

Photo credit: Youtube