Darren Berrecloth rides during Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UT, USA on 11 October, 2016.

Preview the Insane New Red Bull Rampage Course

The world’s most daring mountain bikers are set to compete this weekend in the annual Red Bull Rampage airing live on Oct 14.

Each of the 21 competitors crafts their own lines in the desert outside Virgin, Utah, and while the terrain is all new this year, it’s said to be among the steepest in Rampage history. And if you know anything Rampage, that’s saying a lot.

This insane competition features drops you wouldn’t believe as riders huck themselves off 40-foot ledges, sometimes even a back flip. Last year, a competitor suffered a spinal cord injury and another tumbled head over heals down an embankment.

To give you an idea of just how ridiculous the course will be this year, there are sections called “The Great Wall” and “Impassable.” And guess what? They’re doing it.

This year Claudio Caluori provided the first look to the public through one of his famous course preview videos. Claudio made headlines last year for his hilarious course preview before Rampage 2015.

Riders have been given the past four days to practice their lines, although field crews have been carving trails and creating ramps for weeks beforehand. For a look at what it takes to create this remarkable event click here. 

To watch Rampage live and catch the action from year’s past visit Red Bull TV.

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool / Christian Pondella