Surf casting has never seemed as exciting as when a grandfather recently coached his 6-year-old grandson on how to reel in a 43-pound striped bass.

The fish was a remarkable size for any striper caught on the South New Jersey shoreline, but especially for 6-year-old Sam Adams. 

“You did it,” his grandfather hollered after bringing in the catch. “And all by yourself.”

In the Youtube video that’s garnered close to 50,000 views in five days, grandfather Don Adams can be heard offering words of encouragement and advice to his grandson who hooked one of the biggest fish around. 

“Now keep tension on him and walk toward the beach,” the elder is heard saying. 

Eventually young Sam tires the fish out and gets it reeled into the surf break where his granddad wades in to pick it up. Out of 624 anglers entered in the 61st Annual LBI Surf Fishing Classic, the boy’s fish ranked second in the eight-week tournament. 

Young Sam is by no means an inexperienced fisherman, reports The boy and his father fish the outer banks in North Carolina each year and commonly go bass fishing in local lakes. We’d say that’s one good pair of fishermen.

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