Polar Bear Raids BBC Film Crew Cabin

Polar bears are the only animals in the world that are known to actively hunt human beings, which makes this encounter by a BBC film crew so dangerous. 

After filming one day for the series The Hunt, the crew came back to find their cabin completely ransacked. The bear pulled the front door off its hinges and tore through every piece of food they had.

“This is what’s left of our freezer,” says field assistant Havard Festo in the short video posted to Youtube. “He’s had bacon, lots of bacon, minced meat, steak, nice marinated steak, sour cream, yogurt, blueberries, chicken of course… He ate everything.”

Going through the cabin assistant producer Sophi Lanfear says its worse than teenagers at a house party. “The difference being that he left all the alcohol,” she jokes. 

The crew finds the bear just a few hundred feet away, collapsed in a food coma. They scare it away with a flare gun but it returns three times in the next two days before leaving them alone. 

Photo credit: Youtube