Brett Favre Congratulates Peyton Manning From a Tree Stand

Add Brett Favre to the list of famous athletes who hunt. 

When Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning beat the record for most passing yards last weekend, Brett Favre offered up his congratulations from a tree stand.

The video, posted to the Denver Bronco’s Facebook page, shows Favre delivering his heartfelt acknowledgements during a recent hunting trip. Favre had held the record previously of 71,838. Not allowing the good wishes to interrupt the hunt, Favre taped the address right there from the stand. 

The former Green Bay Packers star keeps his voice down in the video as he was probably still attempting to attract game. Adding to the slightly awkward nature of the message was the fact that Manning had a terrible game and was benched for most of it following the record-breaking four yard pass. 

In only how he can, Brett Favre sends along congrats to Peyton Manning.

Posted by Denver Broncos on Sunday, November 15, 2015