Watch This Guy Hug and Kiss a Wild Bear

When most people see a bear approaching near a stream they get the hell out of there. But not this Turkish naturalist who is seen on video receiving the ultimate bear hug from a 200-pound cinnamon black bear.

The video was reportedly shot in the Altai Mountains of Turkey during a 20-month journey from Istanbul to the coast of the Bering Straits by Cemal Gulas. The brave Turkish adventurer posted the video to Facebook where it was picked up by media outlets around the globe.

Gulas calls to the bear in Turkish and the two appear to play in the water. He even splashes it before the two hug. That’s when the man plants a big wet one, which the bear seems to have no objection.

The scene will be included in an upcoming documentary called Raising the Bear, according to the project web site.

Photo credit: Youtube