This Man Has Been Camping Outside an Orlando Best Buy for a Month

We write about lots of different camping scenarios here at LiveOutdoors. But urban camping? Now that’s something else.

Down in Orlando, Florida, one man has pitched a tent outside a Best Buy for a month leading up to Black Friday. Along with some good deals, hopefully, he should have some pretty good advice on urban camping techniques. 

Kevin Sutton, 37, erected the tent sometime in the last week of October and he’ll be there until Friday Nov. 27 when the doors open for Black Friday sales. Sutton hasn’t bathed, sleeps on concrete and only eats canned food that people donate, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Sutton says he’s not homeless, but he’s a homeless advocate and is using his urban camp-out as a way to raise money for the local food bank and gain publicity for his radio show on iHeartRadio. 

“I’m sacrificing as much as I can to be more aware of what’s going on in people’s lives,” he told the paper.

His time outside the Best Buy has not been without incident. Earlier this month, Sutton was brushing his teeth and speaking to his wife over the phone when he heard an altercation in the parking lot. A man had been shot and Sutton rushed to his injuries. 

As the assailant sped away, Sutton and a Best Buy employee consoled the man. Sutton grabbed a water bottle and helped clean the wound while an ambulance arrived. 

The man was expected to recover. For Sutton, it doesn’t mean he’ll leave his place in line. Not until Friday.

Photo credit: OrlandoSentinel