Clipper Round the World Race Arrives in Sydney

After 2,088 nautical mile journey through the Southern Ocean to Sydney, Australia, the Clipper Round the World Race has completed race four with LMAX Exchange crossing the finishing line first.

Skipper Olivier Cardin and his crew had a 35-nautical-mile lead on a chasing three other yachts racing for the second and third place.

“The whole team is really happy to have secured a maximum 17 points to reclaim the top of the overall leader board,” said Cardin, according to a press release. “We knew what we needed to do and were totally focused throughout. The team should be congratulated for a great performance.”

Cardin added that the race was the best win yet for the leading yacht.

“It was a complete race with everything from a tornado two miles away which was very impressive to big waves, upwind sailing close to the other teams and big surfing downwind doing more than 30 knots,” he said. “We never let up and the whole race was like the Ocean Sprint for us.”

“I am so happy because I was born in Brittany, France, and I always dreamt of sailing across the world like the first people leaving home forever to come to Australia,” she said.

Next to fetch Sydney are GREAT Britain and Garmin. Six nautical miles separated the boats as they reached the finish line with GREAT Britain out front as of press time.

Photo credit: Clipper Round the World