A Great White Shark Breached Right Near Kelly Slater

It wouldn’t be the “year of the shark” without legendary pro surfer Kelly Slater having a run-in of his own. Slater was surfing near Cape Town, South Africa recently when a great white shark breached just a few yards past the breakers.

The world-renowned surfer who travels the globe in search of waves didn’t even realize it while he was in the water. It wasn’t until reviewing the footage afterward that he and his friends spotted the shark darting out of the water just as Slater was taking a wave. 

Slater posted the video to his Instagram feed recently saying the day did feel a little “sharky.”

“I was gonna surf this spot alone but decided to wait for Twiggy and one other friend to paddle out with,” Slater wrote, referencing South African pro surfer Grant “Twiggy” Baker. one of two that breached during that session. “This was one of two that breached during that session. Pretty sure it’s the #YearOfTheShark on the Chinese Calendar, right?”

There have been lots of shark attacks this year, especially on surfers, including Mick Fanning who had a terrifying run-in earlier this year  on live TV in South Africa. 

Photo credit: Youtube