DJ Khaled Gets Lost on Jet Ski Off Florida Coast

If you’re ever completely alone out at sea and feel like your life is in peril, channel your inner-DJ Khaled and Snapchat the entire experience. This may be your only way to salvation. Or, at least something to do when you’re bored waiting for rescuers to come.

Khaled recently took his jet ski over to rapper friend Rick Ross’ house (because that’s what normal people do on a Monday).

Following a hearty lunch and chugging a bottle of Listerine, Khaled decided to drive his jet ski back home as the sun was setting. The only problem: Mother Nature beat him, and the only way he could navigate in the dark was via his cell phone flash.

Unlike some Floridians who make headlines in the water, Khaled’s story wasn’t one that involved uppercutting a shark or being eaten by a gator post-robbery. Instead, Khaled dropped some knowledge on millions of Snapchat followers while waiting for his life to be saved.

From “the key is to make it” to “the key is to not drive your jet ski when it’s dark,” the prophetic artist may have learned that the key could also be to order an Uber home, or even pass out in one of Ross’ 14 different bedrooms.

Check out Khaled’s entire Snapchat experience below:

Photo credit: Dreamstime