Crocodile Welcomes New Florida Resident To The Neighborhood

An 8-foot crocodile greeted a Pennsylvania man who had only been in his multimillion-dollar home in the Florida Keys for less than a week. It seemed the neighbor was making himself at home in the new swimming pool. 

The croc made its way from a nearby body of water into the sunshine state resident’s pool last Thursday, apparently to swim some laps and polish off a Mai Tai, we assume. Or maybe it just wanted to say, “Welcome to Florida. this is my house!”

“The crocodile was basically just chilllin’,” said Bobby Dube with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission told CBS Miami. “Our officers siad the poolw was about 80 degrees so it was definitely warmer than the ocean he had been swimming in.”

Florida wildlife officials, along with sheriff’s deputies from the Monroe County Police Department, were called to the house in Islamarada, Florida but their efforts were minimal once the reptile decided to hop out and retreat back on its own volition.

This comes after a shark was found in the pool of a condo complex in South Florida earlier this month. In most states, new neighbors are greeted with baked good and a kind note. In Florida, it’s more of a menagerie of violent oceanic creatures.

Photo credit: Florida Keys Sheriff @mcsonews