If there is a record anywhere, someone will try to break it. In this case it took 415 people to be exact to break the record for “largest parade of kitesurfers.”

The pointless endeavor gook place in Cape Town, South Africa with enough organization to earn sponsorship from Virgin and other companies. The group reportedly spent 18 months preparing.

After three hours of continuous kite surfing along a one-mile course, the record was officially declared broken. The previous record was held by a group in Spain.

“We always hoped the Kitesurfing Armada in Cape Town (the non-profit organizing group)would be spectacular – and it didn’t let us down,” director Dan Charlish said in a press release. “It was an amazing day, the wind couldn’t have been better and the view of hundreds of kiters together in front of Table Mountain was awesome.”

Photo credit: Amada Events