Red Bull Cape Fear Surfing Contest Was Insane

Turns out the surf contest in Australia dubbed the Red Bull Cape Fear is named that way for good reason. The waves at this week’s contest were nuts. 

The wave off this jagged rock shelf were reported as the largest this particular break had ever been surfed as the wave seemed to double up on itself into this giant slab of water as evidenced by the video below.

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With the paddle-in portion of the event cancelled because it was just too gnarly, the tow-in segment of the event commenced. But even that proved sketchy as some riders took some nasty falls, leading to an eventual postponement until conditioned lightened. 

“I think everyone in the event would agree this is the biggest the Cape has ever been surfed,” said Maroubra’s Blake Thornton, a former world tour surfer and veteran competitor, according to a Red Bull press release.

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“Even though I got absolutely smashed at the end of the battle it’s going to be a surf I remember for a long time, with one great wave and one of the worst wipeouts I’ve ever had.”

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Photo credit: Brett Hemmings/RedBull Content Pool