Grizzly Bear Predicts Denver Broncos to Win Super Bowl 50

A resident grizzly bear at the Montana Zoo named Ozzy predicts that the Denver Broncos will come out on top in Super Bowl 50 in a close game.

The 730-pound Arctos Horriblis was presented with a choice of two large cookies featuring the team logos. Whichever cookie is eaten first predicts the winner. This year the furry prognosticator munched Denver, according to Channel 8 News in Billings.

Ozzy took considerable time to make the choice. This is a sign, according to Zoo Executive Director Jeff Ewelt, that the game will be a close one.

The grizzly guru took a long time last year before picking the New England Patriots, correctly indicating a very close game. So far Ozzy is two for three on his picks, taking Denver in their unbearable loss to Seattle two years ago.

Staff at the Montana Zoo, admittedly Bronco fans, insist that the cookies were identical, and that no attempts to unfairly influence the bear were made. | Local News, Weather & Sports | Billings, MT

Photo credit: KULR 8