Rekon App Lets Shooters Track and Compare Stats

These days there is an app for everything, but until now there was not an app that let shooters track and share their performance with competitors all over the world. 

That’s where the Rekon App comes in. Newly available on iOS and soon coming to Android, the Rekon App has unique features that let shooters track and compare their scores like never before. The result is a more accurate way of tracking information over time and the ability to share that data with friends. 

The app has six sections for various tracking functions. The “fire session” allows users to track their shooting performance. After each session, you entered the corresponding information for type of gun, distance, etc and then take a picture of the target and the app does the rest. 

The “challenges” section allows users to compete with others around the world in certain disciplines. The “gun vault” offers a digital record of your guns and ammunition. The “fire feed” is where you can share data on social platforms. “Statistics” offer unique ways of crunching the data that you probably wouldn’t work out yourself. Lastly, the “ballistics” section combines aspects of many other popular ballistics calculators already available. 

“What’s cool about it is with so many different disciplines in the shooting community there has kind of been a natural segregation,” said Pete Larkin, co-founder. “This brings them all into one social experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a skilled shooter,.”

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Photo credit: Dreamstime