Watch 20 Million Bats Emerge From a Texas Cave

For many people it’s their worst nightmare, but for a National Geographic reporter and film crew it’s an amazing assignment.

It’s an interesting sight for the rest of us too, from the comforts of our own home that is, as 20 million bats emerge from Bracken Cave near San Antonio, home to the largest bat colony in the world. 

Every night, until they migrate south for the winter, the bats take to the skies in an effort to hunt down insects. A full grown bat consumes its body weight in insects every day.

For the little ones, the survival rate is not good. While reporter Kelly Sweet was standing at the entrance of the cave for the following video, snakes were laying in wait for a baby bat to fall. Two snakes were even spotted fighting over a bat.

The reporter explains that she can’t even stand up in the space for fear of getting bats stuck in her hair. The clip is part of National Geographic’s Expedition Raw series.

Bats above and snakes below… no thanks. 

Photo credit: Youtube