Between terrorist attacks and natural disasters, humanitarian aid responders are always looking for ways to save more lives and make their jobs easier.

For the first time, a bullet proof inflatable shelter that flies is being conceived called Project Life Shell. Right now, the idea is only in concept phase, but designers are looking to raise $50,000 in capital through IndieGoGo as a way to bring a prototype to fruition.

Not only does this design make for an ideal emergency shelter for war torn areas, but it could also be a must-have item for any die-hard prepper. 

Similar a zorbing ball, which is a life-size bouncy ball used for recreation, the Life Shell would inflate using a series of air tanks on hand. With impact resistant kevlar, the dome would be both bullet proof and fire proof. 

It would also have the ability to fly through a mechanism similar to a hot-air balloon. Both internal and external airbags along with a parachute would ensure a safe landing. Impact sensors would also release additional airbags where needed. 

In a promotional video for the project, engineers show how the shell can be used to escape a burning building, a sinking ship, a crashing airplane or to survive a war torn neighborhood. 

“Motivated by the latest news of shocking earthquake and natural disasters around the world we thought of a device that can potentially save thousands of lives and avoid casualties,” product engineers write. 

Photo credit: Youtube