Freestyle Skier Like Human Video Game in Latest Stunt Film

You know those video games where you can ski down the hill, jump and flip in every which way without consequence? Well that’s what it looks like through the point-of-view of freestyle skier Candide Thovex who has delivered yet another heart stopping video on Youtube.

The renowned high-flier dropped his latest cut recently called One of those days 3, even outdoing himself from the last one. In this latest video, he starts off with a giant cliff jump followed by two monster jumps leading to tunnels and then what looks to be at least a 1080 at one point. It

The master flips and spins his way over one huge jump after another, at various points clearing bizarre things like a bicycle race and running helicopter blades. Because why the hell not?

As he gets closer to the bottom, the snow peters out, but it doesn’t stop the stuntman from pulling more tricks off a thin strip of ice and even grass until the dramatic finish that you just have to see to believe. It’s the kind of thing that has you wondering whether the guy’s entirely human.