An ice fisherman in Ontario recently landed a likely record-breaking freshwater cod he could hardly get through the ice.

Landan Brochu, 18, from Thunder Bay told the CBC how he was fishing with his father when he hooked the unusually large catch from the ice hole they were fishing. 

“I thought it was a lake trout at first because it just started rippin’ it. My rod was completely buckled over,” he told the CBC. 

Trying to get the big through an 8-inch hole wasn’t exactly easy as the teenager almost lost him in the celebration.

“I started dancing around, I even forgot to grab it and pick it up out of the hole,” he said.

Turns out the fish was a burbot, a relative of the lingcod, enough to earn Brochu the title of “ling king” this year. At 16.8 pounds it will likely set a new state record of freshwater cod. The fish measured 37 inches long and 22 inches wide.


Photo credit: Richard Brocchu via CBC


Landan Brochu and his 16.8 pound burbot caught March 5, 2016

18 year old Landan Brochu of Thunder Bay with giant burbot caught March 5, 2016. It’s a potential new Ontario record.Hear the story at 720 am on Superior Morning.

Posted by CBC Thunder Bay on Tuesday, March 8, 2016