A Millionaire’s Wager: $600K to Bike from LA to Las Vegas

In a classic case of millionaires with too much money, Dan Bilzerian, a notoriously eccentric playboy, has wagered $600,000 that he can ride a bicycle from Los Angeles to the Las Vegas sign in less than 48 hours. 

The bet was instigated by another millionaire with too much money, gas trader Bill Perkins, who reportedly sparked the wager at a high stakes poker game in Las Vegas, according to the NY Post. To win the challenge, Bilzerian will need to cover 293 miles with a 13,000-foot climb in between. 

For entertainment purposes and for a little extra dogging, Perkins plans to trail Bilzerian in an RV, likely enjoying fresh cocktails and the company of beautiful women. 

Bilzerian has built a reputation for himself as an unapologetic ladies man, establishing 16.5 million followers on Instagram for his posts of scantily clad women in hot tubs, in private jets, at the club and most often draped around the millionaire. He also has a strong penchant for firearms and blowing stuff up in the desert.

Bilzerian is also known for taking things to the extreme. The son of Paul Bilzerian, who was convicted of securities and tax evasion in 1989, the younger Bilzerian admitted to the Wall Street Journal he is the recipient of a trust.

Known for high stakes gambling, Bilzerian brags about losing $2.3 million on a coin toss. He once won a round of tennis without a racket in a $3,000 wager. And at 25, he had heart attack following a drug binge. 

These days Bilzerian is training to win the $600,000 bicycling wager by working out everyday. He’s even elicited the help of Lance Armstrong.

For more on the challenge visit 48 Hour Bet.


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Hey look at me, I’m with girls

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