Rock Climber Rescued After Precarious Proposal

Every rock climber knows how risky the sport is. Some not only fall prey to the risk, they end up slightly embarrassed and in a little trouble as well.

For example, Michael Banks, a 27-year-old climber was rescued and then arrested on drug charges after he climbed the 581-foot volcanic plug called Morro Rock, on the northern California coast, according to CNN.

And here’s the topper: Reports say he went up there to propose to his girlfriend via a Facetime app on his phone.

While his intentions were grand, and clearly worthy of such a monumental question,  maybe some parts of his judgement process were not so sound.

After proposing, the man next became stranded on his descent, after having taken a different, steeper route down the mountain’s eastern face, according to the Los Angeles Times,

A California Highway Patrol helicopter, as well as fire department crews from Morro Bay, managed to rescue Banks, and later law enforcement officials suspected him of having used drugs.

He was arrested on suspicion of methamphetamine consumption. His girlfriend, by the way, said yes, according to a parks service official

© Larry Gevert | – Morro Rock