Watch Dramatic Video of Skydivers in Plane Crash

Sometimes even a plane full of guys wearing parachutes is not enough to prevent a plane crash. A group of skydivers found that out the hard way when a plane they were in crashed shortly after takeoff in Central California. 

If they were looking for a thrill, this certainly wasn’t it.

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Dramatic footage of the crash landing in Lodi, California was caught on video by a helmet cam worn by renowned wingsuit pilot Sebastian Alvarez. It captures the final scenes of the crash and the pilot sets the plane down in a vineyard. Toward the end of the skid, the plane turns over but all the passengers escaped major injury.

All 18 passengers escaped without injury, including the pilot who suffered only a bloody nose. 

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“We react in a really good way. We never panic. We put our seatbelt backs, helmets back on and be ready for an emergency landing,” Alvarez told CBS News. “You realize, ‘Oh wow, it’s like, wow this just happened. I’m alive, and everybody’s alive.'”

Photo credit: Sacramento Bee