Incredible Video Shows Lions Licking Water From Tent

Everyone who ventures on a safari hopes to see some exotic animals, lions being chief among them. But nobody wants to get as close to lions as a group of tourists recently came in South Africa.

It all turned out well and good in the end as the lions were more interested in the water that had collected on the group’s tent then they were about the people inside.

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Francie Francisca Lubbe captured the footage of three lions licking water off a tent during a recent wilderness safari in South Africa’s Kigalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Rain had fallen during the night, which left water on the mesh lining of their tent. In the morning, while applying sun scream and sipping drinks inside the tent, three lions approached and started lapping away. 

“What a privelege,” she wrote on Facebook, after sharing the video that has since gone viral.

Photo credit: Facebook