Hillary Clinton Unveils Ambitious Outdoor Plan

Americans are increasingly identifying with the principles of conservation and wildlife management that Teddy Roosevelt helped set in motion more than 100 years ago.

The number of voters with an interest in the outdoors is expected to represent a significant voting block in this year’s presidential election. 

Hillary Clinton has apparently gotten the message as the Democratic front-runner recently unveiled an ambitious plan to stimulate the outdoor economy, create more parks and open more land to hunting. 

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In a press release announcing her policy briefing, the Clinton campaign says she wants to create millions of new jobs in the outdoor sector with up to $700 billion in new annual economic activity. At the same time she set a goal of restoring and revitalize more than 3,000 city parks all within 10 years. 

She also wants to use public lands as a green energy booster with a ten-fold increase in renewable energy production on public lands through solar, wind and hydro projects. For hunters and outdoorsman, she wants to open up half of the land currently inaccessible to hunting, fishing and recreation.

Ambitious goals, no doubt, and not exactly in line with the Sierra Club and other preservation groups. The policy brief comes just as the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary. 

Photo credit: Flickr CC