Could 4 Bigfoot Sightings This Year Be Big Proof?

In the field of Bigfoot videos, it’s safe to say the vast majority are pretty ridiculous. But just recently, four stories of alleged Bigfoot sightings or proof of an alleged fossil have really topped the scales of absurdity. 

Filmed by overhead drone

Now if there was ever a great way to confirm a Bigfoot sighting it’s with aerial drone, right? Well guess again. In a video that surfaced on-line earlier this month and reported by the Idaho State Journal, a pilot flying an aerial in Idaho, hones in on what he thinks is a Sasquatch running across an open field into a grove of trees. 

The only problem is the drone is really high and the figure at that elevation could be anyone. So while it’s intriguing and whoever it is sure does cast a long shadow, it could very well be a burglar or someone up to no good who ran into the woods to hide. I’m sure that’s very rare in rural America, but still. 

Fossilized skull?

In the first example from earlier this month, a man in Ogden, Utah claims to have found a 75 pound fossilized Bigfoot head while hiking. Todd May has long been a relic and rock hunter in Utah, which happens also to be prime Sasquatch territory, according to the experts of course. 

May claims to have spotted a Bigfoot 8-to-10 feet tall with red-furred ape-like features about 20 feet away. Then a few days later he allegedly found a hand print and nearby dug up what appears to be a petrified fossil of a Bigfoot head, he tells the Times Record News in Wichita Falls. But one geologist who examined photos says without a doubt it’s just a highly weatherized rock.

The eyes Bigfoot?

If you follow Bigfoot stories, you probably remember old blinky, which actually turned out to be a complete hoax pulled off by Todd Standing, a notorious Sasquatch tracker. In this latest video from Flroida as part of a project called The Trail to Bigfoot, filmmakers purports to show the eyes of the legendary Skunk Ape. But we’ll be damned if it doesn’t just look like shadows.  

 Pair of Bigfoots drag deer carcass 

Sometimes you have to wonder just what people are looking at. In a video from this time last year, turkey hunter Christina Todd claims to have captured what appear to be two Bigfoots walking across her field of vision with one of them carrying a dead deer. The image quality on the clip is really grainy and Todd decides to turn off the camera just like every great Bigfoot hoax video. And besides, they just look like other hunters. 

Featured photo: Torin Halsey/Times Record News