Was Bigfoot Sighted on a Live Webcam?

A recently discovered bit of footage from a wildlife camera in northern Michigan has some bigfoot believers jumping, while others are at the very least intrigued.

The footage from a live feed camera trained on an eagle’s nest about 30 miles west of Traverse City gives a nice view of the baby birds chirping, while in the background, down on the forest floor, a distinctive ape-like figure appears, mills around a bit, climbs onto a log, and then hops down and lopes out of the frame.

Of course, like every other piece of photo, film or video evidence of the legendary beast, this footage is grainy and not exactly in focus. And unlike the controversial Patterson-Gimli film from 1967, which shows almost a minute worth of a creature walking in the northern California woods (but later exposed as a hoax), this one is just sort of a photobomb. And that is part of what makes it potentially real.

Still, it’s possible that a person aware of the eagle cam could have staged the event, but the fact it was just a small amount of buried footage essentially hidden on a live feed makes it a little bit more believable. And the footage is still better than the recent trail cam image, also captured in Michigan, albeit in the Upper Peninsula, that was later debunked as nothing more than a black bear at an odd angle. Unlike that one, the eagle cam footage is obviously not a bear, but is could be a person in an ape suit, or even just wearing dark clothes.

What we know of sure is that bigfoot’s legend persists, and if the beast keeps up behavior like crashing footage of baby birds, there could be a very excited press conference soon.