Fake Loch Ness Monster Remains Spark Social Media Fury

In the decades-old legend of the Loch Ness monster it seems there is one pastime greater than all else and that’s ridiculing anyone who believes to have found something.

A woman walking her dog in Loch Ness posted photos to social media recently of what resembled Nessy remains. The bizarre creature resembled a crustacean with a giant tentacle, and it lay stretched out on a pebble beach with police tape around it. 

“Has Nessy been found? Or someone playing a fascinating prank?”

Turns out it was a prank. Well sort of. On June 29, the poster Help2RehomeScotland clarified. “It’s for a TV show, good lay out! Shame some people had to be very nasty about it on this post though.”

Needless to say, many people found the remains unconvincing. The exact television show was not specified, though it was described as a documentary and apparently made out of sausage and other food items. 

“He he!! We can’t wait to see the documentary now! Hopefully the producers will pick the food they used back up and make Nessy a breakie for tomorrow!”

This is not the first time a film prop of Nessy has sparked actual discovery rumors. Earlier this year, underwater surveillance captured images of what looked like a perfect Loch Ness monster at the bottom of the lake floor. It turned out to be a lost model built for a Sherlock Holmes movie in 1969, according to the BBC.