Colorado 6-Year-Old Lands Huge Walleye on Spider-Man Fishing Pole

It seems the 9-year-old girl who caught a 5-pound bass on a Barbie fishing pole last year has some competition. Now a 6-year-old boy has hooked a giant walleye on a Spider-Man pole. Take that Barbie!

The boy, Tristan Evans, was fishing in Colorado with his father Colin in June when he landed the walleye measuring 28 inches. Not only did he catch it with a Spider-Man fishing pole, he was also wearing a matching Spidey life jacket. How is that for style?

“He kept bugging me to tie on this swimbait so he could fish with it,” Colin told Colorado Outdoors Mag. “I think he really wanted to use this bait because it resembled a real fish. Finally, I gave in and tied the bait on with a giant hook and let him at it.”

Pulling the fish in wasn’t entirely easy as the fish was nearly as long as the rod, and Tristan reportedly reeled it in himself with just a little help to keep the rod steady. The actual netting of the fish was caught on video, which was featured on ABC World News Tonight.

In another story of little kids catching big fish, a 2-year-0ld reportedly hooked a 50-pound flathead catfish in Kansas. But this one did take some help from dad and grandpa. 

Photo credit: Youtube