Spider Webs Encompass Entire Park Bench in Australia

It’s an image out of a horror movie. An entire park bench covered in spider webs. A photograph circulating on social media has shocked many respondents for its creepy appearance.

Despite being an extraordinary sight, the web is actually fairly common among spiders called ballooning where they spin big webs to escape flood waters or intense rain.

Spiders form these complex webs by climbing a structure and then leap off, using their web-silk like tiny parachutes.

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The recent photo was taken by a couple looking for Pokemon in a park in Yinnar, Australia and posted to the ABC Statewide Drive Victoria Facebook page.

The table and the surrounding ground is completely covered in webbing like the kind you would get from a costume store. An additional photo posted by the Daily Mail shows nearly the entire park with a layer of webbing along the ground and foliage.

In a similar story last year, an entire West Texas town was engulfed by webbing.

Photo credit: ABC Local Statewide Drive Victoria @Facebook